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ANTH105/112: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 

Course Description

According to the General Catalog, ANTH 150B1 Many Ways of Being Human: “introduces the student to anthropological perspectives on cultural diversity. The course focuses on gender, race, ethnicity and class through readings by and about peoples of the non-western world.”   


Anthropology seeks to understand and build respect for the many ways people understand and interact with each other and their surroundings. In this course, we will discuss how anthropologists and other social scientists engage in research, cover some of the foundational writing in the discipline, read material by non-western authors, and review writings about the peoples of the non-western world.

Students' Comments 

"This course challenged my comfortable way of thinking and helped me learn how to write a research paper."

"What I liked about this class was the overall topic and how it is relevant on our everyday lives. Also, I liked how us, the students, were involved during class time."

"I loved that Lumi made the teaching and learning environment very comfortable and everyone was able to speak their mind confidently because we knew she was so supportive of us."

"Lumi was very understandable and help with the transition from high school to college. Also, she is very passionate about her study, which grew my interest in studying in anthropology.

"Overall I believe she did a great job being an instructor. I believe that she really cares about our grades and education."

"I just want to add that Lumi is an exceptional instructor. She makes sure students are comfortable in class and that students are doing good on both inside the class and outside of class. The content is very engaging and helps us to be more openminded about the world around us."

"The instructor was very engaged in class discussions. This sort of teaching created a positive environment, where everyone
felt welcome to share perspectives without feeling judged."

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